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So. Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Talked

It's certainly been...a period of time.

Let's recap: abortion bans, church shooting, school shooting, a bunch of other shootings, trans rights not so much as being rolled back as trans people being legislated against and public figures saying trans people should just die.

So that's not great.

Being a trans candidate is increasingly terrifying, I'm not going to lie.

But anyway. I just want to make my stance on some issues clear.

I am pro abortion. Making something illegal doesn't make it stop, it makes it more dangerous. And if your issue is stopping abortions, then I would like to interest you in stopping the need for abortions. May I introduce you to comprehensive sex ed?

I am pro gun control! There is no reason for anyone to own an AR-15. Call me crazy, but I think guns should be slightly harder to purchase than over the counter medicine. If you think that a gun is more valuable than the life of a child--of babies--then I'm going to ask you to look very hard at what you believe. Gun violence is not inevitable. It is an absolutely solvable problem, and the solution is not more cops, or more guns, or fewer doors. The answer is less guns. This isn't even an experiment. Other countries have done this. We know it works.

I have a degree in gender studies. I'd love to get a PhD in it! So I can and I will give trans talks. Trans lectures. We can talk about trans history, trans identities across cultures, the idea of biological sex, what gender actually is. I would love to do these talks. I will gladly educate anyone on these topics! But what I will not do is validate any "argument" that states trans people are not people. We, as a human people, made this deal decades ago. If someone's argument is "well, is that person really a person? are you sure? prove it" then that person is dangerous. Every person is owed basic human rights! Even the ones you don't like. Even the ones you don't agree with. That's why they're called basic human rights. I cannot believe that in the year of our Lord 2022 we are still having this conversation.

Some of the laws being passed or debated in other states are abhorrent and will undoubtedly lead to trauma and abuse. It's Pride month, and we're still not protecting trans women or helping trans kids.

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