• Sarah Shorter

Bootstrapping Your Political Campaign

Before I decided decided to run for office, I'd done some research. Not a lot, but a solid medium amount of research. I wasn't going in completely ignorant of what the process would be for getting on the ballot, is what I'm saying.

And yet, I still managed to feel completely unprepared.

Now, part of that might just be me. This is a big thing, running for office, and I have anxiety, so I probably would have felt unprepared regardless. That being said, some of this information feels a little harder to obtain than it should, and there were some things I wish I would have known sooner than the day I planned to file.

So if you're finally going to do something about those Run For Something texts you've been getting for five years, or the idea of an unopposed race makes you want to gag, I invite you to join me on my campaign as I bootstrap the whole thing.

(Bootstrapping, or pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, aka good ol' mythological American do-it-yourself-iveness, the idea that with hard work and dedication you can do anything. A word which here means "doing something mostly by yourself with little support and also with as little money as possible because you don't have enough money to fund this on your own and you feel weird asking people for donations; also known as a shoestring budget")

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