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Change is the only way forward.

Where Sarah Stands


Teachers are underpaid and school are underfunded. It's practically a universal truth at this point. In addition to increasing support for schools, including before and after school care, I believe we should support teachers and school librarians who come under fire when parents and community members try to censor materials. 

I want to promote trade schools and community colleges for teens getting out of high school so they acquire as little debt as possible. 


I believe that poverty is not a moral failing. I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I believe that work does not equal worth.

There is a lot of stigma in our country about needing help and asking for help. There is no shame in struggling and there's no shame in failure. We tend to see success as a product of hard work and worthiness, but don't always look at other factors that cause success or failure, or even question what constitutes a success. 


Healthcare is a right. We need to be working in the best interests of patients and not pharmaceutical companies. We should be doing all we can to make sure every child has medical coverage and no child has to go without medication due to cost or lack of availability. No person, period, should have to choose between medication or rent, medication or food. 


I see the need every day for increased funding and support for youth-focused institutions. We need to continue supporting Medicaid and promoting it to families who are eligible. 

We desperately need to increase the mental health resources provided in schools and train teachers, law enforcement, and other community leaders on how to provide support and guidance to youth dealing with mental illness. We also need to decrease the stigma around such topics.

Part of this means increasing funding and support for Children's Division and prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of children in state custody.


I have worked for seven years in a public library and in that time have become a staunch anti-censorship advocate. Censoring topics does not make them go away in the same way ignoring the opioid epidemic didn't fix it.  

In the same way, forbidding topics in classrooms or books in libraries does not stop the issue being discussed. It can, however, have a detrimental effect on those whom the topic is about.


Missourians are hard workers and I aim to protect them.

From people who stock shelves to those that plow our streets, teachers and case managers. Each of these jobs has value and dignity.

I want Missouri to have not just a minimum wage but a living wage, a thriving wage. Studies show that workers who are paid a thriving wage are more than just excellent employees--they boost the economy. We have to strike a balance between luring business in and protecting Missouri workers from being taken advantage of, which means supporting unions to help safeguard our workers. 


I believe Kansas City should be in charge of Kansas City's police force. The rest of the state should not be wasting time on legislating something Kansas City is more than capable of handling. 


I support common sense gun laws. Rampant gun violence and mass shootings are not some strange unsolvable problem. The majority of gun owners are responsible, safe custodians of their weapons, and common sense gun laws are an extension of those practices. 

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