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What We're Working For

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Mental Health

Increasing mental health coverage, places to seek treatment, and awareness.

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Trans Rights

Protecting trans kids in schools, providing gender-affirming healthcare to all ages, banning conversion therapy statewide.

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Gun Legislation

Keeping guns and ammo stored securely and separately, education requirements, restricting access to AR-15s

Emergency Vehicles

Rural Infrastructure

Providing internet access and wifi to rural communities, funding for rural libraries, increased funding for rural hospitals, fire departments, and EMS.

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Abortion Rights

Legalizing abortion, having abortion recognized as a basic healthcare right.

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Environmental Stewardship

Helping Missouri farmers navigate a rapidly changing climate, encouraging smaller farms, increasing biodiversity, promoting clean energy.


Missouri Prison Library Reform

The kinds of books that can be sent to prisoners is incredibly arbitrary and varies from prison to prison and even day to day, depending on who is inspecting the items in question. Prison libraries are a vital resource for inmates, not just for entertainment, but for learning skills that they will need outside of prison. 

The point of prison is that once you get out, you don't come back. Being able to receive books and access books is a vital component for gaining skills and knowledge that can help individuals stay out of prison.

Statewide Ban on Conversion Therapy

There have been county-level bans but a statewide ban would speak volumes. 

Conversion therapy is harmful and ineffective and a ban would show solidarity and sympathy with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Image by Cecilie Johnsen
Image by Darren Hibbs

Seriously...Let KC Deal With KC

Honestly, if I was in any other part of Missouri, I would be so irritated by this. 

Kansas City is the only remaining city in the country that does not have control of its own police department. That's absurd. It's not the Pendergast Era any more, and there have to be more important things for state government to be doing than appointing and approving four members of a five person board. 

Common Sense Gun Laws

You have to train and take a test to drive a car. You have to go through a vetting process to adopt a pet. It's more difficult and takes more time to refill a prescription than it takes to get a gun and ammo. 

Guns should not be exempt from these kinds of precautions. 

Specifically, there is no need for anyone to own an AR-15. We also need to start legislating guns being securely stored.

Image by Tim Mudd
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